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OSHC: Happy Haven


We believe in the power of play for a child's learning, researching and understanding the world. Identifying strengths in young people involves observing their interests, curiosity, and enthusiasm for novel encounters. 

At Happy Haven OSHC, we provide an environment where children can explore their skills and discover new possibilities. Happy Haven OSHC hopes that each child is active in their educational and personal development, and able to do so with creativity and confidence. 

Whether it's engaging activities, exciting recipes, or educational content, we offer something to involve every child. 

We are proud to be 100% South Australian owned and operated. 

For further information on pricing, enrolment and programs, please visit the Happy Haven OSHC website by clicking on the links below. 


How To Enrol


Click on the button below to navigate to the enrollment page.


Happy Haven OSHC Wandana