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Wandana Action Team

Wandana Action Team is a key to underpinning the School Values at Wandana Primary School; Respect, Learning and Belonging. Improving student outcomes through ensuring student voice is a priority both through nominated Wandana Action Team representatives and leaders, as well as at an individual and classroom level, enables students to share their unique perspectives on learning.


Purpose of the Wandana Action Team:

• Builds relationships between students and their school community.

• Allows students to give input into improving their class and school.

• Improves students’ skills in listening to others, respecting others’ opinions/views/thoughts, communicating own points of view and problem-solving.

• Builds students’ awareness of how decisions are made and how they impact other people.

• Develops students’ leadership skills.


House Captains in Years 5-6 that are chosen at the beginning of the year become representatives for the Wandana Action Team. Ideas are discussed in class with the representatives taking these ideas to the W.A.T meetings. The W.A.T have run school discos, assisted at school events, run lunch-time activities, fund-raised and are currently looking at getting new equipment for the playground.